Sustainability assessment of bio-based innovations: Monetizing externalities to facilitate decision-making towards a circular Bio-Economy

The transition to a circular bio-economy presents challenges for bio-based products in market competitiveness compared to fossil-based counterparts, due to higher research costs, production equipment expenses, and lower technical development. However, bio-based products offer potential...

LCA standards for environmental product assessments in the bioeconomy: A systematic review

Climate change mitigation is one of the European Bioeconomy Strategy (BES) priorities. In this regard, renewable raw materials are a crucial resource, as they help to substitute fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...

Predicting quantity and quality of recovered wood and industrial wood off-cuts in Germany, Sweden, and Finland

With the anticipated shortage of primary wood supply and an increase in wood consumption, especially in countries like Germany, there is a pressing need to explore sustainable wood utilization practices that could potentially bridge the...

Assessing an industrial bio-based network in Central Germany with an integrated life cycle approach

Session 14: Life Cycle Innovation in the Bio-Economy
Over the last five years, the Department of Bioenergy at UFZ has developed a series of life-cycle-based for assessing the bioeconomy system, establishing a toolbox for systems analysis that combines traditional life cycle methodologies with...

Holistic and Integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment in Bioeconomy

Session 14: Life Cycle Innovation in the Bio-Economy
Currently the social, environmental and economic risks and challenges of the bioeconomy are becoming increasingly the subject of applied sustainability assessments. Based on the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, further approaches were developed whereby life...

Consequential life cycle assessment of wood cascading: exemplified for the German waste wood market

Session 13: Waste Management from a Life Cycle Perspective
Its contribution to the bioeconomy and to climate change mitigation is likely to increase the future demand for wood. In this context, wood cascading represents a promising concept to increase the efficiency of wood utilization....

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