Oral Presentations

There are two session formats, which presenters can decide upon:

  • a live presentation session with a relatively short time for discussion (one full hour with 4 presentations over 12minutes plus 3min Q&A per presentation)
  • a discussion session without live presentations but more time for discussions (30min reserved for a discussion on the prerecorded presentations and the session topic)

Please note that we will however require ALL presenters, regardless of the session format, to provide a pre-recorded version of their presentation in order to a) minimize technical problems and b) allow us to have all presentations available for all conference participants!

All presenters are requested to upload their presentations until the 14th of August. Please use THIS FORM to upload your presentation.

  • Please make sure that your presentation does not exceed 12 mins and is not bigger than 100mb
  • Please try to avoid text-only slides, use images and graphics that provide visual assistance to your presentation
  • The easiest way to record your presentation is to use the inbuilt function of PowerPoint to record your presentation
  • We encourage presenters to use our PowerPoint template for LCIC 2020
  • If you prefer to use your own layout, please make sure to put one of these two logo options on your slides
  • Even if your co-author is not participating at LCIC 2020, you can ask him or her to do the recording for you! Please inform us about the change of the presenter ahead of the conference by sending an email to lcic at fslci.org
  • Presentations will be made available for all conference participants on the 19th of August
  • You will be able to ask questions and comment on the presentations via our conference group on our conference website

Poster Presentations

Given the virtual setting of LCIC 2020, we are making poster presentations a highly flexible format. You can choose between:

  • a traditional large sized pdf – though we note that this is not easy to view on most computer displays
  • a recorded PowerPoint presentation with a maximum length of 5min – please follow the guidelines for PowerPoint presentations outlined above for oral presentations
  • a creative approach to your poster presentations while using tools such as Prezi, PowToon, Visme etc. – please make sure that you have a FILE as an output, e.g. a screen-recording of your presentation, which you can upload! Again, the recording should not be longer than 5min.
  • … anything is possible – as long as you have a FILE as output that you can upload AND your presentation is not longer than 5 min!
  • Please use THIS FORM to upload your poster presentation file.

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