Track: B

Date: 29.08.2018

Time: 2:00 – 4:00pm

Room: Checkpoint Charlie

Workshop 1: LCA for non LCA experts


Workshop Organizer: Sanjeevan Bajaj, FICCI

Today anyone, anywhere in the world being unaware of sustainability challenges of our times is most likely living in a cocoon. While ecosystem services degradation and circles of sustainability may not be familiar terms, pollution, global warming, and social inequity are now common knowledge. With increasing prosperity on the planet, concerns over the cost of this prosperity in terms of impact on the planet, on other living beings, and on our own societies are also rising. Also on the rise are amounts of money and brains chasing solutions to sustainability problems which are fast acquiring global dimensions.

This workshop will enable participants to understand the science behind the solutions, particularly for determining if in an enthusiasm to improve things, actions with overall adverse impacts are not being encouraged. For such insights, well-designed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies are needed, but it takes a while for non-LCA experts to figure out the net value these studies deliver. The workshop aims to cut down on the time non-LCA experts may otherwise spend on understanding LCA tools and methods by quickly deciphering a few well-known LCAs in terms familiar to non-experts.

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