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For LCIC 2020 we decided to stick to our initial conference theme, which is meant as a call for action to come together as a community and collaborate, innovate and co-create not just with fellow life cycle experts, but more broadly with anyone interested in sustainability and systems thinking. We still have three dedicated themes for each of the days under which the keynote and panel discussions will be organized! Where possible, sessions, workshops and barcamps that fall into the same theme will also be scheduled to take place at the same day. However, the conference will discuss a broader range of sustainability topics, as highlighted by the various sessions and workshops outlined below.

Confirmed Sessions as of May 2020

Session 1 | Life Cycle Innovation in the Urban Environment

Session 2 | Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design

Session 3 | Sustainable Innovation in the Energy Sector (1)

Session 4 | Sustainable Innovation in the Energy Sector (2)

Session 5 | Life Cycle Innovation in the Bio-Economy and Food Sector

Session 6 | Sustainable Lifestyles and Business Models

Session 7 | Pathways towards a Circular Economy

Session 8 | Life Cycle Innovation in the Chemical Sector

Session 9 | Waste Management from a Life Cycle Perspective

Session 10 | Innovative Approaches to Assess Sustainability from a Life Cycle Perspective

Session 11 | Enhancing the Sustainability of the Marine Environment

Session 12 | Leveraging Digitalization to Drive Sustainability

Session 13 | Sustainable pathways for decarbonization

Session 14 | Fostering Regional Sustainable Development through Life Cycle Approaches

Session 15 | Addressing the Social Dimension of Sustainability

Session 16 | Impact Valuation and Planetary Boundaries

Confirmed Workshop Program as of May 2020

Workshop 1 | Creating a global roadmap to drive eco-innovation for sustainable development!

Workshop 2 | EPOS: an Environmental Product Optimisation Strategy

Workshop 3 | Ideality & Sustainability: Guiding product innovation

Workshop 4 | How do I set up an Open Innovation project for Tracer Based Sorting (TBS) technology? Explore new applications of TBS.

Workshop 5 | How do we design for the circular future we want? A visioning workshop.

Workshop 6 | Campfire Session - Together towards Transparency

Workshop 7 | Preparing Input to ISO TC 232 Working group on Measuring Circularity

Workshop 8 | From knowledge to action: How can life cycle information better affect change

Workshop 9 | A new methodology being no more contemporary? – How to interpret and weight the outcomes of LCSA!

Workshop 10 | From science-based target setting to comprehensive absolute environmental sustainability assessment

Workshop 11 | Creating a Life Cycle Innovation Award

We will build this part of the program “on the fly” shortly ahead of LCIC 2020.

You can propose a topic for a group discussion shortly before the conference. We will then let conference participants vote on the proposals and the ones with the most votes get a discussion slot asigned 🙂

No abstract required, just a convincing quick pitch 🙂

Please note, we have significantly adjusted the program in view of organizing LCIC 2020 as a virtual conference. Learn more about how we plan on making LCIC 2020 a great virtual experience here in our FAQ!

Day 1 | 26.8.Day 2 | 27.8.Day 3 | 28.8.
TokyoLANew YorkBerlin Theme 1: Driving Sustainable Innovation – Creating better solutionsTheme 2: Promoting Circular Economy – From vision to implementationTheme 3: Combating Climate Change – Sustainable pathways for decarbonization
20:0004:0007:0013:00Opening Ceremony
20:3004:3007:3013:30Keynote 1 | Connie Hensler – InterfaceKeynote 2 | Ken Webster – IS4CEKeynote 3 | Håvard Haarstad – University of Bergen
21:0005:0008:0014:00Panel 1 | Sustainable InnovationPanel 2 | Circular EconomyPanel 4 | Climate Change
22:0006:0009:0015:00Coffee Break | PS 1Coffee Break | PS 3Coffee Break | PS 5
22:1506:1509:1515:15DS 1 & DS 2 | WS 1 | WS 2DS 7 & DS 8 | WS 5 | WS 6DS 13 & DS 14 | WS 8 | WS 9
23:1507:1510:1516:15DS 3 & DS 4 | WS 3 | BC 1DS 9 & DS 10 | WS 7 | BC 3DS 15 & DS 16 | WS 10 | BC 5
00:1508:1511:1517:15Coffee Break | PS 2Coffee Break | PS 4Coffee Break
00:3008:3011:3017:30DS 5 & DS 6 | WS 4 | BC 2Panel 3 | Future-proofing LCAPanel 5 | Take Home Messages
01:3009:3012:3018:30Drink & ConnectDS 11 | DS 12 | BC 4End


Legend: DS = Live Discussion Session based on recorded presentations | WS = Live Workshops | BC = Live Barcamps | PS = Live Poster Sessions

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