Track: B

Date: 31.08.2018

Time: 3:00 – 4:00pm

Room: Checkpoint Charlie

Workshop 10: Feeding the new product development process with LCA input: What works, what doesn’t and workarounds


Workshop Organizer:Hélène Teulon, Gingko 21; Elise Monnier, Liten CEA Tech

Including environmental performance into existing New Product Development Processes and/or existing innovation processes is no longer an option. Companies are setting triple bottom line strategies, which at some point have to interfere with the content of their offer. LCA provides the metrics to do so. However, such integration is not straightforward: how to make LCA results understandable by development teams? How to evaluate environmental performance far upstream in the development process, when the product is only an idea?
Different companies might have different experiences on this critical issue. The purpose of the workshop is to share experience. Gingko 21 has a broad view of how this problem is tackled in different companies, and provides a framework based on a generic NPDP (New Product Development Process). CEA can explain how it handles LCA and innovation, even pushing the tools up to crowdsourcing. Participants to the workshop will be asked to describe their experience, the success they met, the problems they have faced, and the turnarounds they imagined. Potential solutions will be discussed by the group.
The outcome of the workshop will be a list of Key Success Factors for the implementation of environmental performance in the NPDP and innovation processes in companies.

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