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James Fava Dominical, CR
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From knowledge to action: How can life cycle information better affect change

Date: 28.08.2020

Time: 3:15 – 4:15pm

Workshop Abstract

It seems like the recent banning of materials or single solutions like recycling without the fuller understanding of the life cycle consequences will or may create unacceptable impacts from alternatives – almost like it is taking a step back 30 years.  We have seen an increase in our abilities to perform LCA studies (e.g., data bases, software, skills), and to use the information in decision making (e.g., innovation, marketing). Despite the insight and value that LCA brings, we have not achieved a wide-spread adoption scale among decision-makers despite the demonstration of the solid scientific underpinnings developed over the past 30 years.  Is there a significant gap between the provider and user communities in their understanding on how best communicate and use life cycle assessment information?

The purpose of the interactive workshop is to explore what we have learned from over 30 years of applying LCA to inform decision making, share perspectives on the desired future state on use of LCA information, and will identify actions how best to communicate LCA results in order to accelerate adoption and drive demand. The workshop will conclude with a list of actions.

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