Panel 3 | Future-proofing LCA: how to stay relevant in tomorrow’s world?

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17:30 – 18:30 CEST | 27.08.2020

Join us for an interactive panel discussion around future-proofing LCA!

Session Description

The world is changing rapidly. What does the future hold for life cycle assessment? How can we prepare for it and stay relevant? How can we assist policy-making, research, businesses and consumers in achieving a more sustainable world? What does it mean for our global LCA community? Join this session and step back from our day-to-day concerns to think about how our interconnected LCA world will change in the future and how we can prepare for it.

This interactive session aims to:

  • give different perspectives on the relevance of LCA a voice
  • get a vivid discussion on the way forward
  • paint a collective picture of the sustainability future
  • achieve a better understanding of how to make LCA relevant in tomorrow’s world.

We welcome professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are interested in thinking and discussing about how the life cycle assessment field will change in the next 10 years.

The Panelists

Eric Mieras

Managing Director


Eric Mieras is the Managing Director of PRé Sustainability, a global leader in life cycle assessment software, life cycle information tools and consultancy services. His ambition is to make footprints as normal as a price tag. It’s his belief that this can be achieved through combining state of the art technology and the best available science based knowledge. He is dedicated to bring together partners, clients and other actors in the PRé ecosystem to make fact-based sustainability mainstream.

Jacobine Das Gupta

Director Sustainability


Jacobine Das Gupta – Mannak MSc. is Director Sustainability at Royal DSM based in The Netherlands and leads DSM’s agenda for sustainable food systems. Grounded and inspired by environmental and nutrition science, she supports innovation, business development and public affairs for healthier diets and sustainable food production, better proteins, reducing food loss and waste, fighting diet-related non-communicable diseases and improved nutrition. She works closely with customers, NGOs, governments, scientists and leading groups such as WBCSD, WEF and WRI.

Prior to joining DSM in 2011, Jacobine worked in R&D, marketing, business development and sustainability in France and The Netherlands.

Jacobine is guest lecturer, blogs and loves painting, and s author of the book ‘Your customers want your products to be green’ (2011).

Sanjeevan Bajaj



Dr. Sanjeevan Bajaj is Director, Council for Research on Policy and Governance, a think tank based in India. In her previous role as CEO-FQF at Federation Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, she set up India LCA Alliance and its strategic partnership with UNEP’s Life Cycle Initiative. Sanjeevan co-chaired the Initiative’s Phase 3 flagship on global capability development and later served on its Steering Committee. A founding member of FSLCI, she was its first elected President and is currently on its leadership team. Sanjeevan has a doctorate in Management from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. She also holds a Masters in Economics and a degree in Law.

Hugh Weldon

Co-Founder and CTO


Hugh Weldon is co-founder and CTO of Evocco, an early stage start-up that helps consumers in Ireland track, improve, and offset the climate impact of their grocery shopping with a web app. Hugh is passionate about building tools to help people build climate action into their everyday lives, and in 2018 was received the UN Environment Young Champion of the Earth award for his work with Evocco.

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