Keynote: Driving Sustainable Innovation through Policies and Standards

Serenella Sala – Head of Unit of the Land Resource and Supply Chain Assessments Unit, JRC, EU Commission

Serenella Sala is a scientific officer, scientific project manager at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission since 2010. She is the Head of Unit of the Land Resource and Supply Chain Assessments Unit of the Directorate D- Sustainable Resources. Over time, she has been coordinating the activities on life cycle assessment (LCA), with specific focus on its application at meso and macro scale for supporting policies. She is an environmental scientist, holding a PhD in Ecology. Her research activities have been always focused on sustainability assessment of supply chains, adopting Life cycle assessment as reference methodology. With strong interdisciplinary approach, she developed methodologies and models for sustainable development, integrated environmental assessment, life cycle assessment, risk assessment for supporting eco-innovation of process and products as well as resource efficiency. Between 2001 and 2010, she was the coordinator of the Research Unit on Sustainable Development (GRISS) at the Department of Environmental Science at University of Milano Bicocca. She had teaching positions at University (as adjunct professor) and in many post University courses on LCA applied to different sectors.
List of publications and overview of her research activities are available at:

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