Track: B

Date: 30.08.2018

Time: 4:30 – 5:30pm

Room: Checkpoint Charlie

Workshop 6: Let’s learn together from selected recent innovations!


Workshop Organizer: Philippe Osset, Solinnen

The goal of the workshop is to learn together from the following selected innovations:
– Photo-voltaic windows
– Wireless power on the move
– Hyperloop
– Microbial Electro-synthesis

A) The workshop will apply the following agenda for each technology (one after the other one):
1) Short presentation of the technology by one person (tbd, it can be Philippe Osset, but Philippe will look for additional people)
2) Exchange with the audience: potential of each technology in its “scheduled” application – strengths and weaknesses, applying each attendees expertise
3) Exchange with the audience: potential of extrapolation to other applications than the one which is “scheduled”, which ones?
4) Exchange with the audience: which “key issue” to remember when practicing an Ecodesign innovation processes

B) Brief synthesis of the learning by Philippe Osset

The exchange with the audience will be done by using “polleverywhere” (installed by each attendee on its personal smartphone). That means, every attendee can contribute by voting (on “close questions”) and redacting short phrases (on “opened” questions). Very convenient. The vote and the phrases appear in continuous on the screen, and therefore make attendees react.

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