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Workshop Title:

Campfire Session – Together towards Transparency

Date: 27.08.2020

Time: 3:15 – 4:15pm

Workshop Abstract

Transparency is key to transformation. Transparency is only achievable by means of collaboration – across teams, companies, supply chains, sectors, regions, and so forth.

In a world of restricted resources but unlimited ideas, digital solutions drive business transparency and support companies in assessing the environmental, social, and economic impact of their products, processes, and systems. Companies around the globe take efforts on managing, tracking, analyzing, and reporting data across the whole value creation network.

In the campfire session we want to explore how a holistic, circular approach enables a continuous, digital system lifecycle management process that supports not only compliance with legislation, but also the sustainability of products, value chains, and brands, thus advancing business transparency in supply chains across operations, products, and processes.

Initially we will share some experiences from recent developments such as Sustainblock and open up a dialogue on how transparency enables better coordination, information quality, and integration of systems and processes across product lifecycles and supply chains. We want to facilitate an open discussion on what is necessary and which role digitalization, blockchains and related smart contracts can and should play in our collaborative transition to a digital sustainable circular economy.

Draft Agenda:

  • 20 minutes introduction to challenges and experiences
  • 30 minutes interactive and guided discussion on drivers and barriers for transparency for sustainability and digitalization as an enabler.
  • 10 minute wrap-up of discussions and outlook

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