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Workshop Info

Workshop Title:

How do I set up an Open Innovation project for Tracer Based Sorting (TBS) technology? Explore new applications of TBS.

Date: 26.08.2020

Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm

Workshop Abstract

Objectives and Motivation
Within the R&D project MaReK (Marker based sorting and recycling system for plastic packaging) the technology Tracer-Based-Sorting (TBS) is further developed and its sustainability is evaluated in a consortium of research institutes and companies (see An open innovation competition (OIC) was initiated to identify and evaluate possible further applications for TBS outside Germany in order to increase the range of applications of the process (broad effect) and to identify further potential transfer approaches and thus also market opportunities.
The main findings of the OIC will be presented. The procedure is mimicked within the workshop. Therefore, the workshop has to take place after the corresponding presentation in which the TBS technology and the principles of an open innovation contest will be explained, and proposals from the audience will be collected. This information will be deepened in the workshop. The collected proposals provided by the “LCIC2020 community” regarding possible further applications for TBS outside Germany and regarding sustainability aspects which should be taken into account will be discussed and evaluated.

Key topics
What is open innovation? How can relevant knowledge of innovation and sustainability experts be collected, evaluated and integrated in an R&D project on recycling systems for plastic packaging?

Expected Outcome
Contributions of the experts gathered at LCIC2020.
The target group of the open innovation community is extended to sustainable innovation experts.
Participants of the workshop will get deeper insights on the concept of open innovation and the technology of TBS for recycling system for plastic packaging. Within this workshop the participants will discuss and evaluate the collected proposals.

Draft Agenda:

  • Technical lecture about Tracer Based Sorting
  • Technical lecture about Open Innovation
  • Evaluation of the collected proposals (new ideas can be derived and added)
  • Ranking of proposals
  • Summary, feedback round, selection of the best proposals.

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