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Reino Veenstra Kortehemmen, the Netherlands
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Workshop Title:

EPOS: An Environmental Product Optimisation Strategy

Date: 26.08.2020

Time: 4:15 – 5:15pm

Workshop Abstract

EPOS is a strategy for environmental product optimisation by design. With it, the design team can track environmental impact aspects throughout the design process; from brief, via development of market- and product-service concept, unto determination of a final technical concept for both product and production. It also aids participants to recognise the role environmental sustainability plays and the position it takes within each design phase; from normative and proactive, to qualitative and comparative, unto quantitative and reactive.

This strategy’s model and core method assists in acknowledging and connecting the professional domains necessary for environmental optimisation. This means that also the environmental side of customer decisions and consumer behaviour, the human aspects, get considered. These human aspects get visibly related to the physical impact effects. Moreover, this methodical approach illustrates the relations between the product bound technical, functional, symbolical, and organisational aspects for both the primary and auxiliary products. As such, EPOS has added value for all interdisciplinary design regards.

Since actions speak louder than words, I would like to give participants a feel for EPOS during a workshop.

Draft Agenda:

• Introduction of two EPOS elements: the product aspects (PA) model and the correlation matrix
• Introduction of the workshop
• Handing out underlayers for the workshop
• A four-part phase by phase workshop
• A wrap up, accompanied by a discussion and invitation for feedback (during the workshop wrap up and by means of handout and internet)

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