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Workshop Info

Workshop Title:

How do we design for the circular future we want? A visioning workshop.

Date: 27.08.2020

Time: 3:15 – 4:15pm

Workshop Abstract

The circular economy field constantly talks about bringing about a circular future. But visions for how this future actually looks vary widely: Will it be a tech-enabled future where more information about materials, products, and their real-time location enable everything to be recaptured and reconstituted? Or will it be a future that slows down, experiences degrowth, and uses hyper-localized material flows; an economy modeled after post-embargo Cuba? Somewhere in between?

Circular economy professionals need clarity on their own vision for the future, and on who the winners and losers are in that particular vision. This workshop will explore potential circular futures, with a particular focus on bringing the human and social dimensions of society into the discussion. How could a circular economy optimize the use of technology and innovation to promote human health; address social challenges such as isolation, mental and emotional well-being; and increase creativity?

Collaboratively, participants will identify possible futures and consider: are we designing for the future we want to live in? Every participant will leave with a co-created list of questions to ask when considering a new product, service, or program.

Draft Agenda:

The workshop will be highly participatory. Attendees will leave with both a personal and shared vision for the future as well as guiding questions to keep them on track to the future they want to create.

  • Introductions and welcome
  • Break into self-organized groups around topics e.g. plastics, food, built environment, tech
  • Individual Visioning
  • Group Visioning: What does the Future of [Plastic/Tech/Food/Built Environment] look like in a circular economy?
  • Remix groups for new small group discussion
  • Full group discussion and co-creation of “What Kind of Future Will This Create?” Question Check-List

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