Life Cycle Assessment as an eco-design tool for a CO2 capture membrane

The SunCoChem research project addresses the environmental challenges associated with the production of oxochemicals, which are widely used in various industrial applications. The conventional method of hydroformylation, reliant on petroleum-derived materials, contributes significantly to greenhouse...

Greening Printed Electronics: Sustain-a-Print’s Ecodesign Optimization

The EU’s electronics sector is one of the fastest-growing in waste streams production (2% annual rate). Surprisingly, less than 40% of electronic waste generated is currently recycled. To address the challenges of the increased resource...

Sustainable Design Thinking: Eco-Design Strategies and Business Models

Eco-design incorporates environmental impact into product design and development at a product’s conception to enhance environmental performance throughout its lifecycle. This approach highlights environmental opportunities and weaknesses and thus provides important decision-making guidance for product...

Insights into the development and use of a quantitative eco-design tool for the early development stages of medical devices

Session 18: Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design
Eco-design tools for the early stages of the development process are often qualitative. Quantitative assessments of environmental impact, like Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), can be difficult to apply early on, when a lot of questions...

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