EVAMED. Developing a tool for the environmental assessment of buildings with a life cycle approach in the Latin American context.

Although LCA is a widely recognized methodology for evaluating, rethinking processes and eventually improving the energy and environmental performance of products and services, its application in the buildings sector is generally complex and time-consuming. The...

The EPD projects achieved by Esalex in the building materials sector highlights the importance of impacts from suppliers, for which new engagement systems should be identified.

Esalex is committed to the promotion of product/service eco-innovation and the LCA study has become the main tool to pursue this goal. In recent years many activities have been focused on the construction sector: in...

Sustainability in the ITALGRANITY business model: first an organizational certification (ISO 14001/EMAS) then a product certification (EPD) and another organizational step (Sustainability Budget)

Italgraniti SpA has always been committed to safeguarding environmental resources and protecting workers in terms of health, safety and the environment. Italgraniti Group shares the commitment and responsibility for the protection of the environmental resources...

Streamlining LCA process using Simplification and DMAIC framework for process improvisation and cycle time reduction: A pragmatic LCA approach for engineering organizations

Session 18: Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design
In recent years, manufacturing organizations are increasingly looking beyond the financial aspects of their operations to integrate environmental (ecological) concerns into the decision-making process. Accordingly, the need to embed sustainability in the value chain has...

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