Evaluating sustainability: converting wood waste to energy and recycling for particleboard production

Disposing of waste wood represents not only a loss but also a missed opportunity to use valuable secondary resource. Wood waste, a renewable resource, can be efficiently repurposed for the particleboard manufacturing or as an...

The influence of battery pack housing design of electric motorcycle on environmental impacts and recycling targets

The escalating need for efficient transportation, especially in densely populated areas, triggers the expansion of the two-wheeler market. In alignment with the prevailing trends in the automotive industry, a rise in the popularity of electric...

Comparing environmental performance of virgin and recycled plastic in the production of (PET) bottles

Plastic pollution has been one of the most discussed topics around the world, and for this reason, consumers have become more sensitive and attentive to the type of packaging that they used. However, for a...

Improving the circularity of textiles by preserving functionality – insights from a resource effectiveness perspective

Session 15: Applying Systems Thinking to guide the transition towards a regenerative Circular Economy (1)
The production of clothing is a 1,100 billion EUR industry that consumes 98 million tons of non-renewable resources, is responsible for 20% of the global industrial water pollution, and emits more CO2-eq. than all international...

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