Workshop 01: Scope 3 accounting for effective decarbonization strategy

Workshop Chair: Rajesh Singh

Workshop Description:

Global greenhouse gas emissions need to reach net-zero around mid-century to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. To achieve this climate stabilization, the global industry must go for decarbonization wherein Scope 3 emissions are significantly contributing to the total GHG emissions for most of the organizations. Scope 3 emissions present a significant opportunity for organizations to engage with their suppliers and customers to achieve decarbonization globally. The GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) standard help companies identify GHG emissions reduction opportunities, track performance, and engage suppliers at a corporate level, thus helping these companies tap missed opportunities to take accountability for their emissions. Reporting Scope 3 emissions has its challenges such as inconsistency, boundary incompleteness, relevance and significance for multi-product businesses, activity exclusion, allocation, avoided emissions etc. With these challenges, the current methodologies and reporting practices remain unsymmetric and not comparable. This workshop will help companies and LCA practitioners to understand the intricacies of Scope 3 accounting and overcome the above challenges. With the help of relevant case studies*, the workshop will help the companies and stakeholders to understand the assessment methodology, set boundaries, identify the relevance and significance, high-quality data collection, sectoral challenges, application/ use of LCA databases and other prominent LCA initiatives environmental footprint, etc.

Keywords: Scope 3, Use emissions, Decarbonization, GHG footprint, LCA database

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