Workshop 04: Automation and Auto-Verification of PCFs for Complex Products

Workshop Chair: Martina Prox

Workshop Description:

European Legislation, like the Battery regulation, the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action plan, create the necessity and expectation that Product Carbon Footprints, respectively Product Environmental Footprints will become mandatory at least for targeted product categories. This brings the need for scalability. How can sectors, organizations with complex products and complex supply chains move towards automated and automatically verified creation of Product Carbon Footprint or Product Environmental Footprints?

During the workshop we would like to explore from different perspectives the opportunities and challenges that we face when automating PCF / PEF creation.

  • Which opportunities do provide digital solutions?
  • How do standards and rules need to evolve to better support tool and process verification?
  • Which partner-ecosystem is needed to ensure credibility of results communicated externally along supply chains and to consumers or users?
  • The workshop aims be the starting point for such a partner-ecosystem to enable a trusted path towards automated and auto-verified PCFs and PEFs.

Keywords: Automation, Verification, PCF, PEF, Digitalization

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