Workshop 09: Teaching LCA in Higher Education – Reviewing Insights from a Global Study

Workshop Chair: Tobias Viere

Co-Moderators: Guido Sonnemann

Workshop Description:

The best way to ensure a better understanding of life cycle thinking of future generations and create a new generation of life cycle professionals is to teach students life cycle concepts. In line with a rise in demand for life cycle professionals around the world, an increasing number of courses are offered these days on Life Cycle Assessment and Management (LCA/LCM). While this is a positive development, these courses often differ substantially in terms of comprehensiveness, length, learning objectives and style.

There is thus a huge variation between students’ LCA literacy and experience, resulting sometimes in a miss-match between employers’ expectations and students’ qualifications. As a result, clarity on competencies that are being taught by LCA teachers around the world is needed.

As part of this session, we would like to invite educators and practitioners to present and discuss their experiences on the matter. Based on input from the FSLCI’s Working Group on LCA in Higher Education, we would build the session around a few short presentations coupled with a longer discussion part to allow for an open dialogue around teaching LCA.

Keywords: LCA, Teaching, LCM, Education, Capacity Building

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