Life Cycle Inventory Modelling Using Process Simulation to Facilitate Life Cycle Assessment of Industrial Processes

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is commonly used to quantify the environmental impacts of a product system throughout its life cycle (i.e., from raw material extraction to disposal). There are four phases of LCA according to...

CarboxyLCA: Assisting decision-making in waste valorization by computer-aided design tool

The carboxylate platform (Agler et al. 2011) presents an excellent opportunity to turn organic waste into valuable chemicals and other products as part of a circular economy. Despite its tremendous potential, the growth of the...

Designing a LCA Infrastructure for Product Sustainability in the HVAC Industry – the Case of Bosch Home Comfort

Market requirements, customer expectations and emerging legislation (e.g., Green Claims and Digital Product Passport) and subsidies at EU and national level, require the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry to design and implement a...

Quantifying the impact of plastic additives on marine biota in life cycle assessment

Session 04: Enhancing the Sustainability of Marine Environment
Plastic pervades now almost every aspect of our daily lives, but this prosperity has led to an increasing amount of plastic debris, which is now widespread in the oceans and represents a serious threat to...

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