Advancing Sustainable Beauty: An In-Depth Life Cycle Assessment of Cosmetic Packaging

The alignment of development priorities among countries at all income levels has been widely documented in recent years, particularly concerning the transition to digital and sustainable economies. Despite recent advancements, the United Nations (UN) emphasizes...

Environmental Sustainability of Black Mass Production in Lithium-lon Battery Recycling

With the increasing demand for Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) driven by the energy transition and the pursuit of a circular economy, the relevance of battery recycling is underscored. The growing importance arises from the utilization of...

Innovation ability in producing active multi-layer films for Bag in Box wine packaging: An environmental approach

Over the past 20 years, the international trade of wine increases 80% by volume and more than 114% by value (OIV, 2021). This growth led to industries looking for better packaging practices. In 2020, bottled...

Environmental impacts of Design for Reuse in timber construction using Life Cycle Assessment approach

Session 18: Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design
Due to its various applications and the trend towards a bioeconomy, wood as raw material is becoming increasingly important. Especially in the construction sector, the demand for wood as a raw material is increasing, where...

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