Redefining Circularity Awareness within Household Waste Separation: The Role of Social Nudges and Life Cycle Thinking in Longitudinal Interventions

Manifesting awareness of waste circularity at the individual level relies on the action of separation. However, within one’s household, which forms a starting point of daily consumption patterns, often misbehave to maximize waste utility and...

Spatial and temporal aspects of Neighbourhood Impacting Environment

Session 11: Fostering Regional Sustainable Development through Life Cycle Approaches
Studies on environmental impact of modern constructions have been conventionally studied through life cycle analysis (LCA). LCA helps to identify and quantify specific impacts of product, materials, or buildings. According to the available literature, life-cycle...

Towards Net Zero – How to develop Circular Business Models

Session 02: Supporting the journey towards net zero and beyond with Life Cycle Approaches (2)
The European Green Deal requires a zero carbon Europe until 2050.Consequently, all processes conducted, and actions taken need to ensure zero carbon emissions. Beside the areas of energy systems, logistics and living, it certainly also...

Life cycle thinking considerations in EU Taxonomy for a sustainable finance

Session 01: Supporting the journey towards net zero and beyond with Life Cycle Approaches (1)
By adopting the Paris Agreement1 on climate change and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, governments from around the world chose a more sustainable path for...

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