Spatial and temporal aspects of Neighbourhood Impacting Environment

Main Presenter: Medha Naik 

Co-Authors: Suddhasheel Ghosh Parag Narkhede

Studies on environmental impact of modern constructions have been conventionally studied through life cycle analysis (LCA). LCA helps to identify and quantify specific impacts of product, materials, or buildings. According to the available literature, life-cycle based thinking has grown from product to building level analysis. However, broad perspectives like built environment or neighbourhood have been studied less.

A neighbourhood is a large functional unit, containing several factors which can be divided into two categories: spatial and temporal. The spatial aspects of the neighbourhood are building typologies, land use, infrastructure, landscape, transport, traffic movement etc., which have their own unique characteristics and impact. Since many of these factors mutually influence each other, a mere cumulative and arithmetical model of environmental impact would be highly erroneous. Further, according to the literature studied by the authors, the temporal impact of many of these factors have been observed but have never been comprehensively quantified. With this background it is imperative to develop a conceptual framework in which the spatial and temporal factors are evaluated together for understanding their impact individually and together.

This paper first identifies a primary list of spatial and temporal factors relevant to studying the impact of a neighbourhood on the environment, based on a review of the literature available on LCA at a neighbourhood level. Further, these factors are evaluated to identify the key aspects to be included in the conceptual framework of Life Cycle Analysis. A scatter-plot like map developed through this research shall highlight the level of the impact of the various key aspects with respect to the LCA at neighbourhood level.

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