Guiding decarbonization efforts with integrated sustainability metrics

Main Presenter:    Reinier Martijn Zwiep 

Co-Authors:   Caspar Honée     Joeri Verheijden                                          

Organizations face a significant challenge due to the increasing demand for footprinting information and factors such as shifting regulations and a growing customer preference for sustainable products. This goes for both the seasoned organizations that have been familiar with Life Cycle Assessment for years, as well as organizations that are new to sustainability triggered by the intensified need for reporting.

With three decades of experience as one of the leading LCA providers, SimaPro has been there for organizations on all levels of maturity. Along that journey, our flagship product supported LCA experts, conducting Product Life Cycle Assessments and writing reports to drive change. But we noticed real change requires more than one-off product LCAs. Real decarbonization requires us to act on a larger scale. That is why we evolved SimaPro into a scalable calculation engine that empowers companies and industries to create tailored solutions to fully integrate sustainability metrics in their decision-making processes.

We believe that real change can only happen when you embed reliable and trustworthy footprinting information in the tools that people use during their day-to-day work. We believe this requires organizations to have full control over the data, while being able to present the data according to their own unique preferences, tailored towards specific business functions.

During this presentation we will share our journey from traditional product life cycle assessment to corporate life cycle assessment. How we start by helping clients with their decarbonization efforts, while also helping them understand the larger concept of life cycle thinking. We will share how our calculation engine can offer automated in-depth analyses for complex products and even entire portfolios. We will share how we provide organizations full transparency in results and offer this wide variety of the latest methodologies for reporting beyond carbon footprinting. Lastly, we will share how we offer this in a flexible manner, so the end-users achieve their decarbonization goals using the tools they are already familiar with.

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