SUSIE: Sustainable Intelligence for Engineers

Main Presenter:    Estephania Delgadillo 

Co-Authors:   Marianna Porcino     Yassine Guermazi      Marzieh Mozafari      Angelica Mejia                              

Given the urgency imposed by climate change and evolving regulations, it is now even more important to be able to assess the environmental impact of products and their production processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) necessity in developing sustainable products is unquestioned, yet it remains a time-consuming and resource-intensive task.

The process’s complexity and cost, often reaching up to €100,000, hinder its broader application. LCA practitioners frequently need to merge their collected data with existing database information, confronting issues like geographic and technical representativeness and data quality.

The Environmental Chatbot, SUSIE, offers a solution to these challenges focusing on the pre-data phase. Developed as a web application, it leverages advanced AI to streamline data collection and processing, drastically reducing the time and cost burdens of traditional LCA methods.

Despite its automation, SUSIE maintains a control process for human validation, ensuring accuracy.

SUSIE will be a personal assistant for an LCA specialist. Its objectives are:

* Enhance Life Cycle Assessments by offering relevant information and professional support throughout all assessment stages;

-Enable a rapid assessment of the environmental impact of an activity;

-Facilitate eco-design by proposing relevant alternatives to certain materials and processes;

-Democratize Environmental Assessments.

SUSIE leverages advanced AI, focusing on recent NLP technologies like generative Large Language Models (LLMs), including LLAMA 2 and GPT-4. Adapted for LCA, these models effectively respond to expert queries and facilitate various LCA stages. Their primary applications include extracting pertinent information from documents using techniques like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and integrating data across multiple sources, such as aligning supplier documents with the EcoInvent database.

This dual approach not only speeds up the LCA process but also guarantees its precision. By alleviating the time and effort demands of LCAs, SUSIE empowers businesses to concentrate on sustainable decisions and prepare for future challenges, including potential expertise shortages in LCA methodologies.

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