Systems Evaluation of a Prospective Decentralized Hydrogen Production Technology for Rural Areas

Main Presenter:    Alberto Bezama 


The transition towards sustainable energy sources demands innovative solutions tailored to diverse contexts, including rural areas or regions lacking robust infrastructure. This study presents an evaluation framework for a prospective technology aimed at decentralized hydrogen production to address such challenges. We carried out a multi-stage assessment process encompassing technical scaling, environmental impact analysis, and optimization recommendations.
First, we focused on scaling up the technical concept of decentralized hydrogen production, which is currently in its early developmental stages. Utilizing process modeling via SuperPro Designer, we upscaled the plant design and establish preliminary mass and energy balances. This initial phase allows us to define essential equipment sizes critical for the efficient operation of the proposed hydrogen production plant.
Subsequently, we conducted a prospective Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to comprehensively evaluate the environmental impacts associated with the proposed technology. Employing openLCA with Ecoinvent 3.9 database and Environmental Footprint (EF) as the life cycle impact model, we analyze the environmental footprint of various unit operations within the hydrogen production process. This stage enables us to identify potential hotspots in the process design, highlighting areas where environmental interventions are crucial for minimizing adverse impacts.
Finally, based on the findings from the process modeling and LCA stages, we could provide recommendations for the further technical optimization of the decentralized hydrogen production concept. These recommendations encompass both technological improvements and operational strategies aimed at enhancing the overall efficiency and sustainability of the proposed system. By integrating insights from both technical and environmental assessments, our recommendations aim to guide the refinement and development of the decentralized hydrogen production technology towards a more sustainable and viable solution for rural and infrastructure-limited regions.

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