Decarbonising the coatings industry: Challenges and opportunities across the value chain

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Poster Number:  05 

Main Presenter:    Pau Huguet Ferran 


The carbon footprint of coating manufacturers is largely dominated by a few key scope 3 categories. Raw materials, emissions of volatile organic compounds, packaging and end of life of sold products account for virtually the total emissions of these organizations. In other words, products sold are the sole driver of their carbon footprint.
These same products are applied on valuable and carbon intense assets in order to protect them, maintain, or improve their performance. While this makes the footprint of the paint irrelevant for the downstream users, at the same enables large savings of emissions that exceed the ones of the coating by orders of magnitude.

This same pattern is reproduced with costs. Costs of coatings are largely driven by raw materials and the value that they can unlock downstream exceeds significantly the price of the product and their application.
While leading companies are successfully retaining and maximizing the economic value of their solutions, the industry still struggles to capitalize the value of their decarbonization efforts. Today, the willingness to pay for low carbon products is low, and companies are caught in performance driven discussions that do not align with corporate sustainability agendas. In this context, the decarbonization strategies of coating manufacturers have to balance a strong dependency on suppliers and a limited capacity to influence customer behavior.
In this session we will present how Hempel, a world-leading supplier of trusted coating solutions, integrates sustainability into their business and commercial strategy, balancing efforts along the value chain and addressing the trade-offs between corporate carbon reductions and avoided emissions for customers.

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