LCA of BECCS tecnology implemented with different biofuels

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Poster Number:  35 

Main Presenter:    Pietro Bartocci 

Co-Authors:   Alberto Abad                                               

With the high increase rate of GHG emissions in the atmosphere and the slow fasing out from fossil fuels carbon negative tecnologies can help to achieve carbon neutrality at a company, regional and national level. An example of carbon negative technology is Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage. In this case we assume that the power plant will be composed by a combustor based on chemical looping process which will produce a stream of depleted air extiting from the air reactor and expanding into a microturbine. There will be also a sectoin for heat recovery from the fuel reactor. The whole plant is modelled in Aspen Plus. Simulation is calibrated with experimental results. Mass and energy balances will be used to perform an LCA using different biofuels, such as: syngas, biogas, wood chips. The total negative emissions of CO2 will be evaluated on a life cycle basis and referring the final impact to the functional unit of 1 kWh of electricity produced.

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