MAREWIND H2020 project – MAterials solutions for cost Reduction and Extended service life on WIND off-shore facilities

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Poster Number:  09 

Main Presenter:    Anne Grau 


The next generation of large offshore wind energy generators needs improvements to solve challenges related to materials, coatings and multi-material architectures to increase operational performance and allow an appreciable reduction of the overall cost. Corrosion and fatigue are the main mechanisms of deterioration in offshore structures affected by severe environmental factors such as extended periods of wetness, UV-radiation, abrasion and erosion, which eventually accelerate corrosion rates. In addition to productivity loss from repair operations, maintenance costs are extremely high due to several factors. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) account for approximately 25% of the costs of offshore wind farms.
The MAREWIND project, funded by Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission, addresses the main aspects related to the durability and maintenance of the different materials used in offshore wind power plants. Long term problems derived from material degradation include plant failures, additional resources required for maintenance and a loss of energy efficiency, which lowers their economic efficiency. Moreover, by enhancing the materials’ durability, recyclability and reduce maintenance in offshore structures, the project will contribute to a more sustainable model for the offshore wind sector.
Besides developping and testing new coatings for the offshore wind industry, WP 6 of MAREWIND will challenge the sustainability of the developped coatings through global approach combining environemental LCA, social LCA and a life cycle cost approach.

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