Sustainable IT: going beyond environmental impact assessment.

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Poster Number:  34 

Main Presenter:    Romain TISON 

Co-Authors:   Yasmine Aïouch Benhida                                               

The challenges of sustainable IT go beyond the simple assessment of environmental impacts, requiring a 360° approach encompassing social, ethical, inclusion and sustainability issues, etc. The guide to sustainable IT practices for organisations developed by the French Government stresses the need to significantly reduce the environmental, social, and economic impact of information systems. The 2022 ADEME/ARCEP study on the environmental impact of IT in France, based on life-cycle analysis (LCA), highlights their direct impacts, while underlining the limits of this approach, such as the modelling of indirect rebound effects. Given the rapid evolution of the sector (e.g. digitalization, AI), the use of innovative methodologies through maturity analysis, benchmarking of best practices, digital traceability and social impact assessments are crucial to obtaining a holistic approach.

Moreover, measurement must go beyond simple evaluation and become a source of innovation, with initiatives to ensure consistency, mobilisation, and commitment, in order to guarantee a sustainable and responsible IT transformation. Technological developments and future changes in consumption underline the need to remain vigilant and adapt to regulations while promoting responsible and more frugal use of digital technology, including IT4Green initiatives.

In adopting a sustainable IT approach, it becomes imperative to engage in a perpetual and innovative learning cycle, transforming current limitations into opportunities for evolution. This fosters a culture of continuous improvement and proactive actions.

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