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Webinar Presenters & Description

Martina Prox

ifu Hamburg

President of FSLCI’s Board of Directors

[email protected]

LCA has originally been developed an used vor decades to assess the environmental impact of products and services. In the last years guidance and ISO documents have been developed to also apply LCA to organizations.

The Webinar will provide an overview of the existing guiding documents, reflect on experiences of conducting Organizational LCA (O-LCA) in industry and address the potential of using O-LCA to address the requirement of “Taking a Life Cycle Perspective”, when working with the latest version of the standard ISO 14001.

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  1. Martina Prox 7 years ago

    On LinkedIn I received an additional question on the webinar:
    “Companies often change structures by buying or selling. Does that mean impacts of company A can be easily “reduced” if they simply restructure their business? O-LCA may not reflect this? ”
    so I would like to share my answer with all of you as well:
    “For O-LCA you define a base year, which you may have to adapt,
    in case of the structure is changed.
    Adaptation can either be changing the base year to the one with the new structure, but normally you do a calculatory change of the systembiundary for the original base year to reflect the change in the structure. then you have to show the impact of the change in structure for the base year and for the performance of the actual year.
    In the same way as you would do that for GHG accounting.”

    Feel free to ask more 🙂

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