Beyond market failure: a rationale for life cycle policymaking

Environmental policy analysis is traditionally informed by microeconomic theory and the market failure framework. However, this is not the only approach to environmental policy. Increasingly, governments apply life cycle thinking, which focuses on product life...

Collaborative way of working with EU Environmental footprint

Sharing learnings from ten years of working with a national Expert group on Environmental footprint, consisting of experts from authority, industry and universities. Swedish Life Cycle Centers hosts the group that serves as a forum...

Workshop 11: Finding a sweet spot for life cycle thinking in policy

Life cycle thinking (LCT) in public policy ranges from a “soft” conceptual approach that guides policymakers to consider the full life cycle of products and services, and a “hard” analytical approach that directly uses quantitative...

Experiences Applying the (Product) Environmental Footprint (PEF) Method and connection to Existing and Upcoming European Legislation and Policy

Life cycle assessment (LCA) has a track record of being a well-established methodology for holistic product environmental performance measurement. To deploy a common way of doing LCA in the EU, The European Commission adopted the...

Enablers to Implementing a Life Cycle Approach to Policy Making in the Marine Industry

Session 04: Enhancing the Sustainability of Marine Environment
To support the full decarbonization of global shipping by 2050, regulatory measures will be critical. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) constitutes the most important global policy forum in the development of regulation for global shipping....

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