Enablers to Implementing a Life Cycle Approach to Policy Making in the Marine Industry

Main Presenter: Ann O'Connor 


To support the full decarbonization of global shipping by 2050, regulatory measures will be critical. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) constitutes the most important global policy forum in the development of regulation for global shipping. The IMO is currently evaluating methods for quantifying the climate impact of fuel use for the industry. The adoption of a life cycle approach is needed to reach 2050 targets and mitigate the risk of climate burden shift to other segments of the fuel production value chain. This paper aims to identify the enablers needed to support a life cycle approach to for the marine industry. Data will be collected from existing research, reports and engagement with relevant stakeholders. Enablers will be assessed against commonly understood barriers to life cycle adoption. These barriers include, lack of technical knowledge, inabilities to interpret outcomes and poor communication surrounding the implementation process. Recommendations for an impactful life cycle approach to policy making will be shared to the global shipping industry and serve as a means of ensuring alignment with 2050 targets.

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