Collaborative way of working with EU Environmental footprint

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Poster Number:  08 

Main Presenter:    Yulia Liu 

Co-Authors:   Maria Rydberg     Anna Wikström                                          

Sharing learnings from ten years of working with a national Expert group on Environmental footprint, consisting of experts from authority, industry and universities. Swedish Life Cycle Centers hosts the group that serves as a forum for collaboration and dialogue on the of EU Environmental Footprint (EF) methods and its implementation in policy from a Swedish perspective. The primary objectives of the expert group are to follow, understand, and influence the Environmental Footprint development (PEF and OEF), fostering information exchange and collaboration. The group supports Swedish representatives in the Eu Environmental footprint Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Coordination efforts among Swedish experts contribute to a better understanding of the methods and their impact, both from a policy perspective and from an industry perspective.

Several outcomes and activities demonstrate the group’s impact. Short reports from TAB and EF-subgroup meetings provide insights, while discussions in the group range from consequences of the Green Claims initiative on life cycle-related environmental communication to modeling electricity in EF. Presentations at notable events, seminars, workshops, and webinars have been arranged continuously. An important part has been input to research projects within the Swedish Life Cycle Center, testing and evaluating PEF methodologies and information efforts to raise the awareness of the methodologies, both in Sweden and abroad.

We will present both the ways of working with the group and outcomes from latest projects that has had their starting point within the group, case study results as well as developed materials used for communication efforts. Providing inspiration to others that wish to create similar initiatives.

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