Environmental sustainability of tourist activities by means of life cycle assessment

Tourism activity is not exempt from environmental impacts since it implies travelling (road, air, and sea), accommodation, catering, and activities (social events, cultural visits, adventure, etc.). Commonly, sustainability issues in tourism sector were addressed in...

Sustainability aspects and its relevance in purchasing decisions in the construction sector

The objective of this research is to determine the influence of sustainability-related aspects on consumer behavior using the example of the construction industry. Globally, there is growing concern about the state of the environment relating...

Social Life Cycle Assessment of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Session 12: Addressing the Social Dimension of Sustainability
Various technologies are developed for a successful energy and mobility transition. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) are one of them as hydrogen offers a cross-sectoral approach for the challenge of matching electricity generation and demand....

Toward Sustainabiility: Developing A Framework For Life Cycle Assessment Of Green Road Construction

Session 09: Life Cycle Innovation in the Transport and Mobility Sector (1)
Problem Roadway infrastructures are impressive targets for effective sustainable design and construction initiative. Frequently, they involve notable amounts of financial resources also use up remarkable extent of materials and energy which leads to waste and...

Lite NEST – A sustainability decision support tool for Canadian egg farmers

Session 08: Sustainable Innovation in the Food Sector (2)
Eggs are an increasingly popular food choice worldwide, including in Canada. Despite growing considerably over the past half century, the modern Canadian egg industry achieves considerably higher productivity, resource efficiency and animal health outcomes relative...

Life Cycle Models as digital solution to assess sustainability and support industrial decision-making processes – Example of innovative biobased materials

Session 06: Innovative Ways to Assess Sustainability with Life Cycle Approaches
Sustainability has become an essential criterion in today's corporate decision-making processes. In addition, the EU Green Deal, for example, has set important framework conditions. This additionally increases the complexity of decision-making processes and thus the...

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