Environmental and economic life cycle assessment of fish protein and oil extraction using enzymatic hydrolysis

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Poster Number:  23 

Main Presenter:    Bashir Bashiri 

Co-Authors:   Janna Cropotova     Kristine Kvangarsnes      Raivo Vilu                                    

As global fish consumption rises, sustainable methods become more important to extract valuable ingredients from fish. Enzymatic hydrolysis is a fast and easily reproducible method for recov-ering protein ingredients and obtaining valuable by-products. Despite its advantages, an envi-ronmental and economic impact assessment is essential. This article overviews the sustainability and economic viability of extracting protein compounds and oil from Atlantic mackerel fish rest raw material using enzymatic hydrolysis. We employed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) methods. We found that the climate change impact of the whole process is 0.073 kg CO2-eq per 1 gram of Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH). As the process yields in FPH and fish oil, we used economic allocation to distribute the impacts to FPH and fish oil. Findings of LCCA show that producing 1 gram of FPH costs 5.6 euros. The contribution analysis indicates the crucial role of electricity and fish in
environmental impacts. To ensure the accuracy of our calculation, we recalculated the results of an LCA study published in the literature. The findings of the sensitivity analysis show that the results are susceptible to the region and source of electricity production. Our research provides valuable insights into the sustainability and eco-nomic aspects of using enzymatic hydrolysis for extracting protein ingredients and oils from Atlantic mackerel. This can inform future investigations of environmentally friendly and eco-nomically viable solutions for extracting fish ingredients.

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