Driving Sustainable Policies: Lessons from Swedish Government Agencies’ Life Cycle Collaboration

Main Presenter:    Anna Wikström 

Co-Authors:   Maria Rydberg     Yulia Liu      Björn Spak                                    

In response to the growing need for life cycle competence in society and the increasing demand for policies and legislation to incorporate a life cycle perspective on environmental impact, Swedish Life Cycle Center initiated a unique collaboration with Swedish government agencies in 2016. This formalized cooperation now involves twelve agencies and over 60 participants in the network, establishing a platform for regular dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative efforts in the life cycle field.

This presentation aims to shed light on the outcomes of this unique collaboration, delving into both the practical aspects of its functionality and the substantial contributions it has made to competence building among Swedish government agencies. The dialogue group serves as a neutral arena where authorities actively share experiences, collectively enhance their understanding of life cycle thinking, and engage in collaborative initiatives, such as the development of LCA-data.

The participating authorities, playing pivotal roles in shaping national and EU-level policies and legislation, have found immense value in this cooperative venture. Beyond sharing experiences, the collaboration allows them to actively engage in activities within the center, furthering their competence and expanding their professional networks. The presentation will provide insights into how life cycle thinking is practically applied within these authorities, illustrating its integration into areas such as building and construction, procurement, and sustainable consumption.

The presentation will showcase tangible outcomes, demonstrating how the collaboration has contributed to the competence enhancement of Swedish government agencies. Moreover, it will explore the driving forces behind the surging interest in life cycle thinking and its anticipated future role in managing a sustainable transition.

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