Bridging the gap between LCA and sales of complex manufacturing products through strategic integration

Main Presenter:    Joeri Verheijden 

Co-Authors:   Per Rohdin     Caspar Honée                                          

Manufacturers of highly complex and customizable products need to ensure that the product variants they offer meet the customer’s needs, are buildable, deliverable, serviceable and compliant – all at the same time. With their Configure, Price, Quote software, Tacton offers manufacturers a solution to define a shared product definition, capable of generating millions of valid and profitable product variants.

Increasingly, buyers of such complex, highly customizable products are interested in the environmental impact of the product they are about to buy and to make sure they are a fit with their own sustainability ambitions.

Tacton and PRé have joint forces to make it easy for manufacturers to include the environmental footprint of each product variant that they quote.
Environmental Footprint Configurator, an add-on for Tacton CPQ is fully integrated with SimaPro LCA software. It allows for manufacturers to automatically calculate the environmental footprint of each product variant that’s being quoted. The add-on is used by sales teams and does not require any knowledge about LCA, bridging the gap between LCA experts and sales teams. This fully integrated solution demonstrates that LCA can seamlessly integrate with the sales process.

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