Harmonized List of Indicators for the Worker Stakeholder in S-LCA

Main Presenter:    Arij Mohamad Radwan Omar Chabrawi 

Co-Authors:   Marzia Traverso                                               

Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) has emerged within sustainability assessment in the last twenty years, aiming at assessing the social impacts of products and services. Considering the current several methodological and theoretical developments that are reported in the literature, there are still some gaps that must be shortly filled: lack of consensus on the indicators; methodological limitations, and hegemony of secondary data, among others. Therefore, this research focused on creating a harmonized set of indicators for the stakeholder workers in order to facilitate data collection, comparability among social assessment studies, and improve the current standardization process in the approach. A systematic literature review was run, using Google Scholar and Scopus as the main sources for mapping relevant studies that used S-LCA as a framework for social impact assessment. The screening considered the range of 2009 until 2023. Multiple combinations of the following keywords were
employed: “social life cycle assessment”; S-LCA”; “SLCA” with “case studies”; “primary data”; “site specific data”, “secondary data” and “generic data”. The first round of paper selection used the title as screening criteria. Then, the abstracts of the selected papers were read to check if they consisted in fact of case studies. Finally, the last screening round comprised of reading throughout the papers, yielding in 58 overall. The studies were analyzed in terms of: objectives; industry; system boundaries; LCA stages; UNEP Guidelines for S-LCA; functional unit; methodological approach for data collection, indicators calculation and impact assessment; type of data collected; subcategory impact coverage; indicators collected, their nomenclature, definition and calculation. An initial list of 178 different indicators were identified. After a comparative and detailed analysis, a proposal list comprising 43 indicators was achieved and distributed according to each of the impact
subcategories to which they pertain. Furthermore, it is been proposed methodological procedures and best practices for data collection, ways to calculate each indicator, and how to address specificities regarding each impact subcategory. For future studies, it is recommended an extension to the other stakeholders, to improve the standardization of indicators in S-LCA and enhance comparability with regards to social sustainability assessment.

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