Social Impact Pathway of Carbon Reinforced Concrete

Main Presenter:    Arij Mohamad Radwan Omar Chabrawi 

Co-Authors:   Marzia Traverso     Alexandra Weniger                                          

This research aims to assess the social impacts in the construction sector resulting from the use of carbon reinforced concrete (CRC). Since the construction sector is facing the major challenge to become more sustainable, alternative materials especially for Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC), as the most widely used building material with a particularly large amount of CO2 emissions in its production, are assessed. CRC, with a substantial concrete reduction, could potentially represent an environmentally and economically more sustainable alternative. However, the building sector also plays an important role in social impacts such as the working conditions of workers and health and comfort of users. The social impacts on society of the implementation of such disruptive technology are yet unclear. These aspects are partially covered by certification schemes, although their focus mostly lies only on the use phase, not on the supply chain and the working conditions of the workers.
Method: Therefore, in this research, a very first impact pathway (Type II S-LCA) for the production stage of a CRC component is developed. Primary data is collected by questioning workers in multiple European countries based on 8 inventory indicators for 3 social subcategories.
Results: Descriptive and inferential statistics were performed. It was observed that overall, there were no statistically significant differences among the averages between the workers in CRC and SRC production. Structural equation modeling was conducted indicating causality between midpoint and endpoint impact, especially for social security. For future research, it is recommended to apply the developed model on a larger sample to verify the model consistency and its respective adjustment indices.

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