Statistical analysis using Six sigma based techniques to augment LCA analytics linked to bio-based plastics and their impact on Land use change (LUC)

Main Presenter:    Suvayan Guha Ray 

Co-Authors:   Ananda Sekar     Pooja RV                                          

The quest for carbon neutrality has taken on a fast-track in recent years with targets, pledges and commitments by companies across industries on carbon neutrality. This is expected to accelerate progress on decarbonization of products across solution directions. One such key solution direction is the production of petrochemical products such as plastics and chemicals based on bio-based feedstocks. Statistics published by European Bio-plastics1 indicate projections to surpass 7 million tons of bio-plastics towards the end of this decade.
From LCA study context, this however, has an important linkage to land use change impacts that has to be given focus and attention. Typical LCA studies have focus on Direct Land use change impacts but have dependencies linked to primary data on land-use impacts besides the use of average regional and national statistics on LUC to apply such frameworks. This work explores the use of statistical analytics employing six-sigma techniques to analyze the data on land use change impacts including but not limited to satellite imagery data to assess the potential impacts that the growth of bio-based feedstocks can create linked to LUC and what are some of the potential interventions or improvements that can create a more favorable situation from carbon emission abatement perspective. The study will show-case extended techniques such as statistical analysis and use of AI that can further augment the quality of data used in LCA studies, thereby enabling an informed progress towards carbon

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