The Circularity Co-Pilot : a methodology for circular and sustainable product design optimisation

Main Presenter:    Estephania Delgadillo 

Co-Authors:   Loïc Levenez     Simao Santos Rodrigues      Mélodie Humbert                                    

Designing circular and sustainable products and services involves minimizing waste, maximizing resource efficiency, and fostering closed-loop systems. Robust assessment methods to assess circularity and their contribution to sustainability are crucial. Currently, there is a lack of holist frameworks that allow us to assess circularity along other key parameters considered in sustainable product and service design, such as environmental impacts, costs, and performance considering a complete life cycle perspective. This study presents the development of the Circularity Co-pilot methodology. The Circularity Co-pilot is based on 2 tools, the extended materials circularity indicator and the lifecycle optimization tool. The combination of these approaches provides support to analyze the trade-offs between different product scenarios in terms of circularity, environmental impacts, and other cost or performance models. We present the testing of the Circularity- Copilot with a use case. This
synergy allows for the identification of optimal products, considering not only traditional performance and cost metrics but also incorporating essential circularity considerations. This holistic methodology marks a significant step towards sustainable and circular design practices.

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