A historical review of nickel life cycle data: requirements, challenges, and methodological developments

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Poster Number:  40 

Main Presenter:    Pablo Rodríguez Domínguez 

Co-Authors:   Mark Mistry                                               

Civil society, regulators and authorities, downstream and end users, trade platforms, investors, and academia are all showing a growing interest in the sustainability performance of a company and its products throughout the entire life cycle. Life cycle data is increasingly deciding on access to markets, license to operate and access to finance for nickel producers. Nickel is a metal of specific interest, as it plays a critical role in mitigating climate change in e.g., green mobility or the energy transition, due its extensive use in EV battery technologies and low carbon power generation.
Nickel Institute has collected and updated nickel life cycle primary data from its member companies since 1999 with four updates conducted until 2024. Results are calculated according to agreed international protocols and methodologies to ensure consistency and comparability.
In this review, Nickel Institute provides an analysis of historical, updated and recent life cycle data for nickel production. Special emphasis is put on the development of methodologies and modelling approaches and how they affected the results. An insight will be given into ongoing work to further harmonize the collection, computation and interpretation of LCA results in nickel production.
Different methods could result in varying data requirements for member companies, different interpretations of those data and – in consequence – deviating results. Ensuring scientifically sound methods, coherent data requirements and consistent data interpretation is the path to a ‘level playing field’ for nickel producers.

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