EPDs in less than 2 days – How to use the SimaPro COM-interface to automize LCA, EPD and PEF modelling

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Poster Number:  38 

Main Presenter:    Christoph Meili 

Co-Authors:   Niels Jungbluth     Samuel Solin      Maresa Bussa                                    

The SimaPro COM-interface, in combination with ESU-services’ VBA-based macro, brings the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) creation process to a new level and offers a rapid and efficient solution for EPD modelling . This tool facilitates EPD generation in less than two days, providing a streamlined and automated approach.

Key Advantages:

1. Automated Modelling: The SimaPro COM-interface (de Gelder et al. 2013) automates the modelling and analysis of products, reducing manual efforts and expediting the EPD creation process in adherence to Product Environmental Footprint (PEP) guidelines.
2. PEP Guidelines Compliance: The VBA-based macro ensures strict compliance with PEP Ecopassport guidelines (PEP 2015), creating processes based on Bill of Materials (BOM) data for accurate representation throughout the product’s life cycle stages.
3. Comprehensive Output: The macro generates a comprehensive set of outputs, including SimaPro product models, life cycle inventory tables, material overviews, and detailed LCIA and inventory indicator results for each life cycle stage.
4. Structured Data Requirements: With well-defined data requirements for each component, based on the structure of the BOM, the tool ensures clear and consistent modelling.
5. Customizable Settings: Users can tailor settings for different life cycle stages, including transportation scenarios, power loss during use, and end-of-life considerations, enhancing adaptability to diverse product scenarios.
6. Result Calculation and Presentation: Efficient result calculation covers mandatory and optional environmental indicators, organized in tables for easy extraction of relevant information for reporting purposes.
7. Future Updates: The tool demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement; it uses a modular approach to easily implement future changes in PEP guidelines.In summary, the SimaPro COM-interface, coupled with ESU-services’ macro, empowers users to generate EPDs swiftly (Bussa et al. 2023a, Bussa et al. 2023b and Ulrich et al. 2023), automating LCA modelling creation while adhering to industry standards. With a simple user interface, structured data requirements, and comprehensive outputs, this tool significantly accelerates the EPD creation process, making it achievable in less than two days.

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