Data Ecosystems and Business Ecosystems for enabling Sustainable Product Management: a literature-based investigation

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Poster Number:  30 

Main Presenter:    Katharina Berger 

Co-Authors:   Josef-Peter Schöggl     Rupert J. Baumgartner                                          

Data ecosystems have gained increased interest as they allow for exchanging product life cycle data within production and consumption systems (Pietron et al., 2023). Such data is of interest to support actions and strategies related to sustainable product management (SPM), such as life cycle management, sustainable supply chain management, or circular economy (Rusch et al., 2023). The premise of successful data ecosystem exploitation is that involved parties need to demonstrate active participation by sharing data. This prerequisite is also mirrored in the concept of ‘business ecosystems’ (Parida et al., 2019). However, the nature of relationships between involved data ecosystem actors needs to be scrutinized, i.e., actors being part of a traditional value chain or a business ecosystem. Compared to business ecosystems, collaboration in the form of data sharing is not a given in traditional value chains and depends on various factors (e.g., strategic, organizational) (Berger et al.,
2023). Given a traditional value chain, it could be questioned whether data ecosystems could inspire collaborative behavior such as product life cycle data exchange, consequently serving as a foundation for orchestrating business ecosystems with an SPM focus. This work explores how data ecosystems can support SPM, their potential ties to and their role in enabling business ecosystems for SPM.
The deployed methods comprise a systematic literature review, allowing for scientific and grey literature to be included within the final sample. The final literature sample will then be analyzed using a qualitative content analysis (cf., Mayring 2000).
The expected results will comprise a systematic delineation and comparison between the concepts of data ecosystems and business ecosystems. This will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art of scientific debate regarding data ecosystems and business ecosystems, highlighting the potential of both concepts for SPM. Furthermore, the role of data ecosystems in orchestrating business ecosystems with SPM focus will be delineated. Additionally, the challenges of data ecosystem exploitation for SPM support are expected to be identified and qualitatively described.
This research holds theoretical relevancy as it is the first to discuss the concepts of data ecosystems and business ecosystems jointly in a sustainability research context. Furthermore, the outcomes will serve as the foundation for further research regarding the exploitation of digitalization and digital technologies for SPM. Clear, practical relevancy is given as this research will provide regulators and practitioners with insights regarding factors that can enable or hinder data ecosystem exploitation in the context of SPM.

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