The Influence of Innovation on the Construction of Circular Business Models, a Systematic Review of the Literature

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Poster Number:  V-06 

Main Presenter:    Renato Radaelli Gatti 

Co-Authors:   Perla Calil Pongeluppe Wadhy Rebehy     Simone Vasconcelos R Galina      Luiz Savio Pires de Castro      Renan Louro Cardoso Franco      Flávia Bittencourt Moré                        

This article presents a systematic review of the literature on how innovation and new technologies help in the creation and implementation of circular businesses. For the study, a five-step process was adopted to carry out the review, including formulating questions, identifying and locating relevant research, selecting and evaluating research studies, analysis or synthesis, and presenting results and analyses. The analysis of the articles was carried out to reach the conclusions of the article, which show how innovation helps in the construction of circular business models, discussing three classifications of approaches: use of digital technologies, frameworks for building circular business models, and good practices in innovation for the circular economy. Within the classification of the use of digital technologies, recent advances in the use of social networks, cloud computing, machine learning, blockchain and artificial intelligence and other technologies that enable the Circular Economy stand out. The frameworks for building circular business models are divided into three fronts: Strategy, Chain and Consumer. Finally, good practices in innovation for the circular economy analyze theoretical frameworks such as other literature reviews or evaluations of specific cases of companies that already apply the circular economy, and that used innovations or technologies for its implementation.

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