Proposal for a new look at the Business Model Canva to serve circular business models, a Literature Review.

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Poster Number:  V-04 

Main Presenter:    Renato Radaelli Gatti 

Co-Authors:   Perla Calil Pongeluppe Wadhy Rebehy     Renan Louro Cardoso Franco      Flávia Bittencourt Moré      Luiz Savio Pires de Castro      Alexandre Pereira Salgado Junior                        

The growing concern about the environmental impacts resulting from the linear economic model has driven the search for sustainable alternatives, highlighting the circular economy as a promising approach. However, the difficulty in implementing circular business models means that business models need to be optimized to seek socio-environmental balance. Different methodologies for designing business models have been developed over the years, with the Business Model Canva being the most consolidated today. However, despite being a powerful tool for capturing and visualizing the current state of a business model, its static nature limits the understanding of the model’s evolution over time. Furthermore, it also has limitations when dealing with environmental and social issues, a fact that extends to most current business model tools. Therefore, seeking to bring new ways of optimizing the construction of business models aligned with the principles of the circular economy and taking into
account the concepts of sustainability, the objective of this article is to propose adaptations to the Business Model Canva methodology so that it can encompass the construction of business models. circular businesses, making a connection with the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology.

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