Collaborate, Innovate, Co-Create

Our LCIC conference theme is meant as a call for action to come together as a community and collaborate, innovate and co-create not just with fellow life cycle experts, but more broadly with anyone interested in sustainability and systems thinking.

We will soon publish our three focus themes for next year’s conference, but we have already come up with a number of session proposals with a wide range of topics for which we are looking for submissions.

Having said that, we are also accepting abstracts for topics that do not fit into one of the draft sessions and are flexible in adding new sessions if we receive several abstracts on a topic we haven’t considered so far!

When submitting your abstract, select one of the sessions below or propose a new session by selecting OTHER!

  • Bio-Economy | Life Cycle Innovation in the Bio-Economy
  • Business Models | Innovative and Sustainable Business Models
  • Chemical Sector | Life Cycle Innovation in the Chemical Sector
  • Circular Economy | Applying Systems Thinking to guide the transition towards a regenerative Circular Economy
  • Climate Change | Supporting the journey towards net zero and beyond with Life Cycle Approaches
  • Consumers | Informing consumers & stimulating green lifestyle choices
  • Data | Innovative approaches to address the data challenge
  • Digitalization | Implementing Sustainable Innovation through AI and Digitalization
  • Eco-Design | Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design
  • Education | Developing global Life Cycle Capacity
  • Emerging Tech | Prospective LCA of emerging technologies & next-generation materials
  • Food Sector | Sustainable Innovation in the Agricultural and Food Sector
  • Healthcare | Life cycle management in healthcare sector
  • LCA Methodology | Innovative Ways to Assess Sustainability with Life Cycle Approaches
  • LCM | Managing the sustainability transition – implementing LCM principles
  • Marine Impacts | Enhancing the Sustainability of Marine Environment
  • Mobility | Life Cycle Innovation in the Transport and Mobility Sector
  • Networks | The role of life cycle networks in connecting a global Life Cycle Community
  • Plastics | Life Cycle Innovation in the plastics sector
  • Policy | Policy Developments based on Life Cycle Thinking
  • Regional Development | Fostering Regional Sustainable Development through Life Cycle Approaches
  • SDGs | Addressing the global picture – implementing the UN SDGs through Life Cycle Innovations
  • Social Sustainability | Addressing the Social Dimension of Sustainability
  • Textiles | Life cycle sustainability in the textile industry
  • Waste Management | Waste Management from a Life Cycle Perspective

Abstracts will be reviewed by our Scientific Committee, which will ensure the quality of presentations at LCIC 2024.

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If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to send us a message. Thank you very much in advance.

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