Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of future mobility scenarios – replacing conventional transport with a modular autonomous electric vehicle fleet.

Transport accounts for most of the CO2 emissions within city centers. Three points of action have been identified to counter this problem. The first, increasing the efficiency of the transport system, would need to make...

Life cycle trade-offs of pulp and bioenergy integration in tissue paper mills

Globally, the use of tissue products such as toilet paper has been growing. Tissue production is energy intensive usually using energy from the electric grid and fossil fuels for thermal energy. To enhance energy efficiency,...

Scenarios for Ecodesign in loudspeaker’s

The worldwide loudspeaker market follows the growing tendency of electronic entertainment technologies both in quantity and variety. Consequently, the environmental impacts caused during the life cycle of loudspeakers increase in the same proportion, going in...

Regionalized comparison of Canadian and European pulse production and transportation

Pulses are an increasingly popular source of plant-based protein [1]. Canada is one of the leading producers and exporters of pulses [2], and Canadian pulse production has relatively low environmental impacts [3]. This study uses...

Life Cycle Assessment of Coffee: Enhancing Transparency in Life Cycle Inventory Models with Distributed Ledgers

Today’s food value chains are increasingly complex, especially for internationally traded products like coffee or cocoa. These complex value chains pose several challenges to quantify the environmental impacts associated with the corresponding products and the...

The environmental impact of health care in Switzerland – a case study of a nursing home

The health sector provides essential services to society by supporting and ensuring people's health and well-being. However, this service comes at a high financial and environmental cost. In Switzerland, the health sector is responsible for...

Life Cycle Assessment On Calcium Zincate Production Methods: A Review

The main routes that have been studied in the synthesis of Calcium Zincate are: 1) Hydro-chemical route, 2) Hydro-thermal route and 3) Hydro-mechanical route. These conventional reactions present several drawbacks, being the Hydro-thermal route the...

Environmental Assessment Of Novel Biofuels For Marine Shipping

International shipping is one of the key contributors to climate changes due to the generated emissions to air (2% of global black carbon emissions and 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions) from marine fuels combustion....

Comparing environmental performance of virgin and recycled plastic in the production of (PET) bottles

Plastic pollution has been one of the most discussed topics around the world, and for this reason, consumers have become more sensitive and attentive to the type of packaging that they used. However, for a...

Minimising rebound effects of lifetime extension: Sustainable business models for mobile, internet-enabled devices

Session 17: Innovative and Sustainable Business Models
The environmental impact of laptops, tablets and smartphones summarised as mobile internet-enabled devices (MIEDs) is highly relevant and increasing. The global market penetration of smartphones reached about 50 % in 2021 with 3.6 billion reported...

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