Measuring the Impact: Circular phosphate mining design strategies assessed based on LCA approach

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Poster Number:  V-05 

Main Presenter:    Safa Rachid 

Co-Authors:   Yassine Taha     Mostafa Benzaazoua                                          

In the pursuit of achieving energy transition and food security, phosphorus consists of a versatile element involved in several applications. Despite the fact that 80% of the phosphorus (P) is used in the agriculture sector, over 50% of this element’s waste flows occurs at the mining level (1,2). These wasted flows were proved to contain the highest grade of P, which forced the discussions about mining efficiency. This is only achievable through innovative design strategies that would increase mine longevity, design for minimizing waste and closing loops with other industries through the valorization of gangue elements extracted. In this paper we aim to investigate the crucial role of mining design in shaping the sustainability landscape of phosphate industry, focusing on scenarios of extraction that minimizes the waste generated. These scenarios are going to be assessed based on LCA approach to evaluate the sustainability of the developed scenarios and the key hotspots. Therefore,
this study will help to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to reduce the loss of this valuable resource. It will also inform on the effectiveness of current strategies and guide future efforts towards its sustainable management.

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